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Holiday Open 2008 Results

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Winners Staff and Setup  Tourney Pics The Party


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Event 1st 2nd 3rd
AB Draw Div I

Mike Taylor, Daniel Chapman

Billy Melton ( not pictured), Ron Bowers

Marty Shepard,Kyle White
AB Draw Div II

Gordon Titus, George Austin

Daniel Gray, Kevin Edmonds

Joe Parish, Travis Ward
Pro Singles

Bill Melton

Rick Gindt

Marty Shepard
Div I Singles

Ann Walker

Ron Bowers

Wayne Hammond
Div II Singles

Dell Hutto

Amanda Williams

Anita Bloodworth
4 Person Bring Team
Add to 6

Mike Taylor, Doug Morgan, Holly Kofod, Connie Sitton

Jeri Williams, Tony Appel, Rich Blackler, Adam Chitsazan

Dale Williams, Harvey Kidd, Mark Bennett, Greg Gray

4 Person Bring Team
 Add to 11

Tracy Gray, Pat Bullock, Cheryl Roos, Chuck Craig

Roy Boll, Gene childers, Kevin Edmonds, Jamie Boll


6 Person Draft Team

Mike Kinney, Phil Railsback, Cliff Visel, Jimmy Britt, Kim Lawther, James Moran

Billy Melton, Kenny Hudson, Jimmy Galvez, Daniel Gray, Rich Blackler, Linda Anthony

Diana Hagen, Jason Olberding, Gordon Titus, Tracy Gray, Neil Young, Stan Atteberry
Pro Bring Partner

David Sr Williams, Craig White

Marty Shepard, Don Olberding

Mike Taylor, Charles Peltier
Div II Bring Partner
Add to 3

Vicki Laws, Daniel Chapman

Ann Walker, Bobby Dean

Jason Olberding, Kenny Hudson
DivIII Bring Partner  Add to 6
Jimmy Galvez, Roger Holloway

Anita Bloodworth, Dixie Morris
Mark Bennett, Daniel Gray

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