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League Name: Fun Hangers Shuffleboard League
Location:  Houston, TX (West Side)
Contact:  Jack Scott (832-788-1845)
Contact:  Andrea Dickson ( xxx-xxx-xxxx)

Divisions: 4 (6 or 8 teams each)
Teams: 30
 (6 to 12 players each)
Players: 280+
Sponsor Locations: 10

Ratings: -1 thru 5.  Each player has League rating set by team captain or Bowers
Handicap:  All games are handicapped based on players League ratings

Play: Wednesday nights at 8:00
Season: 14 Weeks (3 per year)
Playoffs: 3 Weeks Division Champions playoff for League Champion
League Party: Moves between sponsor locations.  Held at end of each season.  Money is returned to all players and traveling trophies to the winning teams.  Sponsor location customarily provides food and $5 Draw with $200 added by League concludes the party.

Team Cost: $24 per team per week
Free Drink: Though not required, most sponsors provide each player 1 free drink on game night.
Sponsor Cost: $75 per team per season
Player Return:  All monies less operating expenses returned to ALL players based on finish position at season finish.

Description: Fun Hangers League, located in West Houston, began in 1994 and has grown to be one of, if not the largest leagues in the nation.  Established to promote shuffleboard, friendship and competition in West Houston, Fun hangers continues to attract new players and sponsors.  The League is proud to include a wide variety of players from some of the highest rated Bower's players to beginning 5's, with the majority of players in the 3 range.  The league has evolved a sophisticated set of rules that can only be changed by consensus of captains at seasonal Captain's meetings directed by 3 elected League Officers.  Large traveling trophies are provided to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for each division and are located in the team sponsor location for season duration.  Our sponsor locations have 19 boards available for league play. 




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